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Krakatoa mountain history

Krakatoa is archipelagic vulkanik who is still active and be at Sunda's strait among java and Sumatra. This name have once put on one flaming mountain peak over there that, since eruption on the fifteenth 26 27th August 1883, then destroyed. Its eruption so gigantic and tsunami that be begat assassinates around 36.000 souls. Until date 26th December 2004, this tsunami is one most gigantic at Indian Ocean area. 

That eruption voice is heard comes unto Alice Springs, Rodrigues's australia and Island hovers Africa, 4. 653 kilometers. Energy blows up it is presumed up to 30.000 blasted atomic bomb time at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the late World War II.

Krakatoa's eruption causes changing global climate. The world finds time dark up to two dust effect halftimes vulkanis that imbricate atmospheric. Low shining the sun until one year next. Dust scattering descries in the sky Norwegian until New York.
On the books that Krakatoa's Mountain eruption is first the great calamity at invented afters the world telegraph down oceanic. That progress, unhappily was counterbalanced by progress at geological area. Geologists that time even can't yet give explanation about that eruption.

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