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Baduy - Indonesia

Tribe Baduy is one of tribe at Indonesian the living one at regency lebak, banten's province.
Baduy is agglomerate society which be still hold kesundaan's custom firmness, with confidence they which are followed as religi is Sunda Wiwitan.
Base governance administrative territory, baduy's gathering place most turns in at Kanekes's Village region, Leuwidamar's district, Lebak's regency, Banten's province.

Baduy's society so consistence to rules absolute custom (pikukuh), so also treating to nature that does ever be looked after its continuity after prop their main living.
Imagine if we can see and go to does splits at this custom gathering place. Aesthetical nature at soiled Baduy and its society sociability, making this trip a crowded experience nuance and new atmosphere that never forgotten.

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